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                    Shopper discontent with online retail sites is localizing to two major concerns. Spoiler alert: customer experience per se is not in this ranking. It is the need for caution that prominently leads shoppers to abandon their shopping carts. Results of a recent survey of more than 1,100 respondents conducted by marketing technology firm Wyng confirmed that reality. [More...]

                    While migration to the cloud is at an all-time high, so is the growth of ransomware peddlers. Veritas Technologies surveyed more than 2,000 global IT leaders whose organizations have undertaken pandemic-led digital transformation. The study found the majority are severely vulnerable to ransomware attacks because they have been unable to keep pace with the accelerated digitization. [More...]

                    Canonical has released Ubuntu 21.10, Impish Indri. The new version of its flagship OS has a heavy focus on cloud-native, AI/ML, and Ubuntu developers on Windows. This is not a major distro upgrade. Nonetheless, Ubuntu 21.10 does play catch up with the latest Wayland improvements and GNOME 40 -- finally. [More...]

                    When a complex need arises, customers expect to be connected to a well-prepared agent who can quickly resolve the situation. That fix must be applied in a way that leaves both the customer and agent feeling great about the outcome. Fortunately, the technologies now exist that allow contact centers to deliver superior service levels that scale on every channel, noted Chris Bauserman, vice president at NICE CXone. [More...]

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